One of the unfortunate side effects of getting older is contending with mobility limitations. And if you have a parent that is struggling with getting up each time they have a seat, you could be wondering how best you can assist them. Fortunately, you can do so with a lift chair. This mobility equipment is designed to look like a standard recliner chair.

However, it is also outfitted with power-lifting capabilities that can help your parent maneuver from a sitting position to standing by providing them with the support that ensures they do not over-exert themselves. If you are wondering whether this type of medical equipment will be a worthwhile investment, consider the following pros of purchasing a lift chair for a mobility-challenged parent.

A lift chair will help with mitigating the risk of pressure ulcers

Commonly referred to as bedsores, pressure ulcers come about when someone lies in the same position for prolonged persons, which causes an excessive amount of pressure exerted onto the skin. Although some people usually associate these sores with bedridden individuals, you should be aware of the fact that they can also happen to people that spend a substantial amount of time sitting or lying on a chair for most of their day.

If your parent has been complaining about these injuries, you should consider investing in a lift chair for them. This equipment makes standing up much easier than if your parent was to try to get up on their own and this, in turn, gives them the chance to be more active rather than spend their entire day in one position

A lift chair will help with alleviating the threats associated with postural hypertension

If your parent has been diagnosed with postural hypertension, a lift chair will be a vital piece of equipment for their health. Postural hypertension refers to a condition that causes a spontaneous increase in blood pressure due to sudden movement, such as when they get up from a sitting position. This condition can be highly dangerous, more so of you parent lives on their own.

High blood pressure can make your parent dizzy or lightheaded. If they are to fall, they could get seriously injured. A lift chair prevents this from happening, as it does not hoist your loved one abruptly. The slow transition will keep their blood pressure regulated so postural hypertension is not triggered. Take note, other symptoms associated with postural hypertension include heart palpitations, nausea, and fatigue so a lift chair will improve their quality of life.

To learn more about lift chairs, contact a local medical equipment supplier.