If you're currently undergoing CPAP therapy at night, you may have a few concerns about your treatment. One of the concerns you might have is comfort. If your CPAP equipment or masks irritate or aggravate your skin, you want to find some relief now. Make your CPAP therapy feel more comfortable for you with the accessories below.

Cheek and Chin Support Accessories

Cheek and chin straps prevent your CPAP mask from falling or slipping off your face at night. However, the rough-textured straps may irritate the skin on your cheeks, chin, and jaw during the night. The straps may also feel too restrictive or tight on your face. Cheek and chin support accessories can make your CPAP straps feel more comfortable to you.

Accessories, such as cheek and chin pads, act as cushions between your skin and CPAP straps. Pads are generally hypoallergenic, which means the material won't irrigate your skin when you use it. 

You want to choose support accessories that fit your CPAP mask correctly. If the padding is too large, it may make your mask feel too restrictive. If the padding is too thin or small, it may not protect the skin on your cheeks and chin properly. You can always ask a CPAP accessory supplier for assistance in finding the right pads for your mask.

In addition to cheek and chin pads, you may also want to purchase nasal accessories for your CPAP mask.

Nasal Support Accessories

Nasal accessories such as liners can help protect the soft skin on your nose from redness and irritation at night. Liners generally fit along the interior sides of CPAP masks. Like cheek and chin pads, liners create a barrier between your mask and skin. 

Liners may come in special materials that won't irritate the skin on your nose, such as latex and latex-free. If you have allergies to products made with rubber or latex, choose latex-free liners for your mask.

There may be other nasal support accessories you need to purchase from a CPAP supplier. The accessories may include nasal moisturizers and ointments. The air circulating in and out of your CPAP mask may be warm enough to irritate your skin over time. Your liners may trap some of the warm air inside your mask as well. Nasal moisturizers keep your nasal skin soft and supple throughout the night. If you need additional information about nasal moisturizers, consult a supplier. 

Learn more about CPAP accessories and how to order them by contacting a CPAP accessory supplier like Advanced Home Care Sleep Apnea Services today.